Trustworthy repositories are proactive, transparent, and accountable.

The MetaArchive Cooperative's staff and membership regularly make available a number of different documents intended to promote our activities amongst the cultural memory community, and familiarize institutions with our technical and organizational model.

2010 MetaArchive Trustworthy Digital Repository Audit
MetaArchive worked with a contract consultant to carry out a Trusted Repositories Audit & Certification (TRAC) self assessment. This checklist report details its conformance and the evidence cited for each criteria addressed.

2015 Cooperative Charter pdf
Outlines the mission, goals, and organizing principles of the MetaArchive Cooperative; lists membership levels (including a new Collaborative Member category); and details the roles and responsibilities in this evolving collaborative paradigm.

2015 Membership Agreement pdf
The terms of the agreement made between members of the MetaArchive Cooperative.

2015 Technical Specifications pdf
An overview of the current recommendations and requirements for administering a preservation cache for the MetaArchive Cooperative, including staffing and hardware.

MetaArchive Management Plan pdf
Detailed information regarding the ownership structure of the Cooperative, internal and external human resources, and the human resources we anticipate that we will need in the future to sustain our business.

MetaArchive Operations Plan pdf
The operations of the MetaArchive Cooperative, including information regarding the Cooperative's decentralized structure, day-to-day workflows, and monitoring and control of quality of services.