MetaArchive Cooperative is a digital preservation network created and hosted by and for memory organizations.

    To learn more about joining MetaArchive, please contact our Program Manager.

    Declaration of Interdependence

    by cultural memory organizations, for digital preservation

    In the belief that it is our own responsibility to preserve digital files, the member organizations have agreed to band together for the common good of the institutions we serve and scholars around the world.To that end, we have joined MetaArchive, a digital preservation network that empowers organizations to preserve content safely and cost-efficiently, while retaining complete ownership and control of all digital files.May our cooperative approach become a powerful force for the free exchange of ideas and knowledge everywhere.

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

    This collection consists of thousands of scholar-contributed datasets and digital images related to the slave trade. The database contents and website, viewable at www.slavevoyages.org, are preserved in the MetaArchive and routinely versioned by the LOCKSS software.

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