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Preservation Planning Portal

About this Resource

The MetaArchive Cooperative member institutions are leaders in developing and advancing current practices in digital preservation, both for their own institutions and on behalf of the Cooperative. This Preservation Planning Portal summarizes some of those current activities and advocates for actively adopting additional standards-related practices and resources at reasonable stages of development. Please see the topics listed in the right sidebar for more information.

Please also pay a visit to our Preservation Policies & Planning Workshop page. The MetaArchive central staff and Members regularly share their expertise and thinking with the broader community on these and other topics.

The MetaArchive Difference

In their preservation work with the Cooperative, member institutions have championed distributed digital preservation as a unique model that distinguishes itself through such qualities as collaboration, multi-institutional infrastructures, geographic distribution, and replication.

In addition, through the use of LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), the Cooperative also emphasizes the importance and value of dark archiving, bit-level preservation, and enduring support for the preservation of original master objects where possible, with added support for format migration upon access through the use of MIME plugins (available but as yet unrequested).

Making Digital Preservation Possible

Like all cooperatives, MetaArchive seeks to pool its resources (both material, skills, and knowledge) to keep the cost of digital preservation affordable. For that reason, at the Cooperative level, the MetaArchive members seek to maintain flexible ingest and lightweight data management activities that can set a low common barrier of entry for participation. Rather than imposing arbitrary and heavy-handed requirements from above, the Cooperative has endeavored to respect our members' diverse local approaches for such things as validating file formats, tracking the need and timing for format migrations, and managing the creation and use of preservation metadata, as just a few examples. 

Making Digital Preservation Reasonable

Each of these activities are vital at various stages of implementing a digital preservation infrastructure and at various stages of the lifecycle of digital objects. For that reason the Cooperative has endeavored here to develop an evolving Preservation Planning Portal that can advocate best practices and recommendations that both existing and prospective members can consider and adopt as deemed appropriate.

Please see the topics listed in the right sidebar for more information.